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Welcome To The Official Website Of Thyspunt Nuclear Developmet Forum This forum is formed to support and lobby for the construction of the Thyspunt Nuclear Development as this is a mega development ever to take place in this area. It is the view of this forum that this development is going to yield good results for the people of Kouga as well as the neighbouring towns.


Kouga is 100kms away from Port Elizabeth and is confirmed by the recent Census to be the fastest growing in terms of population as well as economically. Development of the magnitude of the Thyspunt nuclear will yield ernomous economic spin offs as well as human development and capacitation.


The unemployment rate continues to go an upward trend nationally and Kouga is not emmuned to that. This forum continues to be concerned with the rate of young unemployed youth as well as the graduates in Kouga, as a consequence of this some end up involved in various illegal activities. It is a undiputable fact that if you do a analysis most of the unemployed are from your non affluent areas of Kouga, hence this forum is unequivocally in support of this mega development.


When the processes of Thyspunt nuclear development unfolded the people of Kouga were fully consulted and took part in the comprehensive public hearingsby both Eskom and Arcus Gibb. It should be noted and appreciated that all EIA outcomes on draft as well as final documentations were presented in various public meetings and this was done in all languages spoken in Kouga so that all can understand.

History & Culture

As the nuclear development process continues, this forum is aware of various issues of importance raised by the Khoi and San communities pertaining to the historic and cultural significance of the area, its going to be important that Eskom and the affected Khoi and the San Leadership meet and sort an amicable everlasting solution on all concerns..

Support of the Development

Thyspunt Nuclear Development Forum, support the construction of the nuclear development because of the following reasons:
◆ Massive job opportunities are to be created
◆ Economic development
◆ Socio-economic
◆ Infrastructure development
◆ Beneficiation of SMME's
◆ Human development and capacitation
◆ Youth and Women empowerment etc.

This forum remains resolute in its principle of ensuring that the people of Kouga remains a priority and that it becomes part of all discussions and decisions around Thyspunt nuclear development. Its the view of this forum that as Koeberg was a success in the late 70's , Thyspunt shall equally be a success. The people of Kouga across the broad spectrum need to unite and speak with one united voice in favour of this mega project. Kouga cant allow to be devided by people with ulterior motives spreading baseless propaganda. ''Empowering The People Of Kouga Through Nuclear Development'' This is what this forum stands for and shall make sure that its indeed achieved

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